About the Artist

About Me

I am a contemporary artist, and I view my creative process as a spiritual practice, as well as a method of inner exploration.  To me, true art serves to facilitate connection – to ourselves as well as to one another, in a way that transcends language, culture, time, and belief systems. I share my art for two reasons – one, to connect to you, the viewer, in a deeply authentic way; and two, to hopefully inspire others to create, as I believe it is a transformative and healing process that’s accessible to everyone.

Most of my art, therefore, seeks to facilitate healing both for myself and for my audience. Often it elevates a life or social issue that needs a resolution or deeper understanding. Although I do create and market products, I don’t consider my art to exist primarily for that purpose.

My art often reflects a reverence for nature, a desire to repair a rift between the modern psyche and the environment, and an understanding of the soul as an extension of the natural world.  It usually depicts a process of inner transformation, or an evolution of some kind. In that vein, much of my recent art celebrates the freedom of female body and spirit, and seeks to reclaim the power of the feminine from ways in which the patriarchal culture has suppressed, vilified, limited, and shamed it for centuries. My paintings often portray women in nature or in mystical context, and my work is also strongly influenced by the themes of divine feminine, tarot and Jungian archetypes. My art portrays a lot of nudity as a metaphor for authenticity, truth, connection to nature, and freedom from the constraints of the modern world.

Besides being a painter, I also like to express myself through aerial dance, and my appreciation of female form and love of movement show in my work. Sometimes I dance my project before I paint it. I use a variety of different materials, including colored pencil, acrylic, oil and alkyd-based glass paint.

I am largely self-taught, although I took many classes in art and design at New York Academy of Art, Academy of Art University, Yard School of Art, Seton Hall University and Empire State College.  I have been exhibited by the Agora Gallery in New York, One Art Space in New York, MADS Gallery in Milan, and at the Red Dot Exhibit in Miami.

In addition to my artistic practice, I am also a career and creativity coach. In working with my clients, I aim to liberate their own creative potential to design a life that’s meaningful and fulfilling to them. You can read more about my work as a coach at www.annazubets.com/coaching.