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We had revealed days ago that Emma Watson was the new Muse for a new Prada fragrance. Today, the name and image of the new perfume are officially announced to the world: the Prada paradox. In July, we were one of the first means worldwide to know the appearance and aroma of this iconic new scent, and now we can finally reveal more details about this launch, one of the most important in recent years, for Italian Prada.

With an already long list of signature perfumes, pradathis launch has, for the brand, a different characteristic, more of the domain of the business: it is the first great aroma of the brand carried out under the wings of the L’Oréal group after the licensing agreement signed between both companies in January 2021.

The most conservative views are reassured – and some voices critical of the perfumes of iconic brands when conceived under the umbrella of multinational -; the entire project was carried out within the creative spirit of Casa Prada and under the creative direction of the Miuccia Prada it’s from Raf Simons. The aroma three Givaudan master perfumers signed this one: Nadège Le Garlantezec, Shyamala Maisondieu, and Antoine Maisondieu, who were asked to reconcile the timeless and the avant-garde, nature, and innovation.

The best description for Prada Paradox lies in its name: the union of a pillar in the fashion world with the subtleties, surprises, and contradictions that can exist inside some – not all – perfumes. Personally, the scents that attract me the most are precisely these: those where we are pulled by an intoxicating note and then travel in olfactory surprises and even contradictions that imprint on the senses the olfactory soundtrack for moments or phases of life. This aroma seems to me to have the necessary ingredients to fulfill that role.

Emma Watson’s new role

Prada Paradoxe” data-title=”Prada Paradoxe – The new Prada Paradoxe perfume honors all women (and is full of sensuality) – Miranda”> Prada Paradox

The constant evolution of the woman, as well as her essence, is challenging to define. Nevertheless, it was the motto, the starting point for the aroma, the bottle, and Muse. Emma Watson does not appear by chance in this project: the last time we saw her in a Beauty campaign was at Lancôme (curiously, also from the L’Oréal group) almost ten years ago. Watson, actress, and activist, made it known in some interviews she gave that, to ally herself again with a beauty brand, it would have to have – and reflect – women in all its facets. A union with everything to work out, if we also consider that Watson’s participation is not limited to that of the protagonist: the actress directed the advertising film of the campaign, bringing more than her face to the scrutiny of the public.

Behind the scenes of the advertising campaign:

Olfactory notes:

Top: Calabrian Bergamot Heart, Tangerine Essence, Pear Chord

Center: Neroli Essence and Neroli Bud Essence, Sprout of Tunisian Orange Blossom Heart Absolute, Jasmine Sambac Absolute

Basis: Ambar chord (Ambrofix™), Lao Resinoid BenzoinMadagascar Premium Bourbon Vanilla Infusion, White Musk Accord (Serenolide™)

The Prada Paradox scent

The brand defines it as an amber floral, a “bouquet of timeless white flowers, reinvented in an avant-garde signature,” but allow me; it is difficult to reduce such an aroma to half a dozen words. So instead, Prada Paradoxe redefines feminine sensuality through contrasting olfactory expressions: dominant notes of neroli and jasmine ally with the (apparently) innocent White flowers being that these were “embraced” in an avant-garde composition of “technical” notes where the ambrofix™ and the Serenolide™, accords of “exclusive” molecules of which the first has typically been used in men’s perfumes (a bioconverted amber). The second is a revolutionary new musk molecule with an enhanced intensity beyond its dry-down, ensuring that The memory of this fragrance lives on in whoever wears it and who feels it.

The iconic bottle and sustainability

Inspired by the unmistakable Prada triangle, the bottle reinvents one of the most well-known logos in the Fashion World. But, unlike the traditional square, rectangular, or even round formats, the bottle explores the triangle in its facets: inclined but stable, settled but displaced, infinitely replicable, and eternally associable to the brand that gives it its name.

The bottle’s design was not only driven by aesthetics: one of the commitments that the brand currently assumes is to propose objects and design initiatives that promote positive change. All three sizes of Paradox jars are rechargeable, and this possibility will be clearly visible at the point of sale. Also, the glass jars and the packaging are recyclable, reducing the need to produce more materials. A single 50ml bottle of Prada Paradox and a 100ml refill avoids using 40% of materials compared to three 50ml bottles of Prada Paradox. This includes 29% glass, 67% metals, 48% plastics and 41% cardboard.

Prada ParadoxPrada Paradoxe by Prada, Eau de Parfum available in: 30ml, €67; 50ml €98; 90ml €140; Refill 100ml €122.” data-title=” Prada Paradoxe – The new Prada Paradoxe perfume honors all women (and is full of sensuality) – Miranda”> Prada Paradox
Prada Paradoxe by Prada, Eau de Parfum available in: 30ml, €67; 50ml €98; 90ml €140; Refill 100ml €122.
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