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Art.Z: the new Lisbon beauty salon with bartenders, photobooths and many services

The second opening in the capital of the innovative concept took place on September 22, in Campo Pequeno. A salon to visit.

Nature is one of the inspirations in decoration.

In the midst of a pandemic, in July 2020, Art.Z was born in the Saldanha area of ​​Lisbon, a beauty salon that bets on a concept “that encompasses beauty and services from A to Z”. Two years later, the same business opens at 19 Rua Dona Filipa de Vilhena, in Campo Pequeno, with a concept more focused on self-care and an experience that goes far beyond hair. It opened on the 22nd of September.

“As [a primeira unidade] emerged at an atypical stage, could not be traditional or did not survive. The initial idea was to take care of each other in a safe space”, says Renata Schiavo. Together with her mother, Niva, and sister, Michele, she founded the business when she moved from Brazil to Portugal five years ago.

When looking for spaces to take care of their hair, they felt “abandoned in public services”. In an adaptation group, on Whatsapp, they indicated the name of Lusi Zamban, a professional who supported them in the venture that revealed the need for many other people.

“Our mission is to transform the beauty process. We opened a second store, because there is a growing demand and we don’t want the spaces to be saturated. The number of people looking for care increased and the experience could be harmed, since professionals cannot give the necessary attention”, he advances.

The services provided include women’s, men’s and children’s hairstyles, brushing, curling, treatments, coloring, manicure, spa, make-up and barbershop. In each case, before fulfilling the request, they diagnose each client and, when necessary, depending on the health of the hair strands, suggest treatments. Even if the desired care is remarked, Art.Z is made of much more than this offering.

Bartenders, parties and relaxation

In order to take the experience component further, they also think about social events. Every Friday, those who visit the space can enjoy the “Bolo das Amigas” moment, where they can taste a homemade cake and feel the warmth of good company. During the summer, the Summer Sessions stand out, with bartenders who make drinks that accompany a moment of relaxation.

Despite being regular meetings, they prefer to keep the surprise factor in the initiatives. “We never warn, nor do we publicize it on social networks, to keep the magic of people arriving and not knowing what is happening”, adds Renata, about another factor capable of conquering new customers.

On a calmer day, you can stop by the Art.Z concept just to have a coffee, try a drink. The reception also functions as a bar whose main objective is to create relaxed and convivial moments. And, of course, you can just visit one more place that stands out for its impeccable and unique aesthetics.

The bar is located at the reception of the lounge.

the paradise of photographs

“We wanted the salon to be instagrammable, because in the end the client feels confident and wants to take an amazing photo. In any angle of space, they can do it”, reinforces. On the one hand, they have a swing — a corner called a photobooth — in front of a background with natural elements. In another unit, the space is designed for another type of images due to a mega mirror.

All these moments are possible thanks to the work of interior designer Thay Botelho, from Nest Arquitetura e Design. When thinking of a way to translate a young and modern, but cozy language into the interior, they worked with colors, textures and materials such as the mixture between wood and green. The color became the brand’s signature due to the connection to nature and the symbology of color.

A green marble washbasin stands out, for example. “The amplitude provides a play of natural light that enhances the work of professionals”, says Renata. And she adds that each corner “serves as a refuge and tranquility, in the midst of the urban characteristics of the area. The highlight is the backlit wall with greens behind it, giving it a feeling of outdoors, even though it is inside the hall”.

Still in Portugal, they want to explore new cities because “Lisbon already has a lot of service”, and they are planning to open in Porto. Then they want to leave Portugal and take this concept to new territories.

You can visit the new Art.Z salon at 19 Rua Dona Filipa Vilhena, in Campo Pequeno. The previous one, at 93 Rua Luís Bivar, in Saldanha, is also open for appointments. Also visit the Instagram it’s the site, where you can make the markings. In the case of female hairstyle services, prices range from €25, in the case of a blow-drying, to €150, in the case of a straightening.

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The entrance to the hall.

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