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Otro: the luxury perfume museum anchored in Vilamoura Marina

The concept store includes brands that offer products with natural ingredients, rare fragrances, and exclusive packaging.

The space brings together almost 50 luxury brands.

In the heart of Vilamoura Marina, it anchored a new luxury concept store. Otro Perfume Concept took its portfolio, which includes some of the most exclusive author fragrances in the world, to Quarteira, in the Algarve. They were installed next to the Tivoli Galleries, expanding the concept that began by settling at 138 Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon.

“I noticed a gap in the Portuguese market about niche perfumery, so I opened the first store in 2015. It was more designed for the foreign public and to draw the attention of the Portuguese to this segment outside the mass market”, he tells NiT. the founder Hugo Banha, 39 years old.

After two decades of working in the luxury sector, the entrepreneur realized he wanted to stop working for someone else. So he launched himself as an entrepreneur with the idea of ​​creating his brand. In recent years, he achieved his objective and has invested in expanding the badge catalog to include even more options.

The opening of the new space in the Algarve, in a privileged location, aims to attract international and national customers who spend their holidays in Vilamoura. The decoration reflects the essence of the surrounding landscape: “As a space in the Marina, we wanted the color of the furniture in blue. So we placed lights on the ceiling that resemble the stars in the sky, and the lime on the wall resembles the sand on the beach. We will also place a semi-precious stone in the middle of the store, to reflect the luxury”, describes the person in charge.

Despite the timid presence in Portugal, the offer in the niche perfumery segment continues to grow. We discuss products with features such as all-natural ingredients, rare fragrances, and luxury packaging. Also known as author perfumes, they move away from mass production. Instead, they resort to using extracts with high concentrations of aromas, worked rigorously by specialized brands.

Perfumes are made from natural ingredients.

Hugo reinforces that Otro’s target audience is looking for this exclusivity: “The luxury customer has other consumption patterns; they are not ruled by just one perfume. If you wear different looks in clothes, you will also use different scents, which you can only find in the Outros”.

The fact that niche perfumery is based on natural essences — with an almost zero percentage of chemicals — allows for creating a third aroma. One of the most exclusive services at Otro offers “the possibility for the customer to create a unique fragrance, through the combination of two or more perfumes”, along with a “personalization service. You can put your name on the fresco or personalize it with dedication if it’s a gift.

“Here, the customer wants to feel unique, wants premium service, wants to live a dream”, says the ent, “preneur, who guarantees that he is constantly updating the offer and looking for new luxury brands. “In international fairs, we don’t miss a single event always to be aware of the news”, he says.

Som, “luxury perfumery brands are only available in Portugal at Otro. According to Guinness World Records, one of them, the Clive Christian, owns the most expensive fragrance in the world. It is the “No.1 Imperial Majesty”, which exceeds 160 thousand euros. “Initially, we started right away with Clive Christian’s offer. Having a Portuguese representative was unprecedented [para o grupo]. They wanted to know the store’s positioning, our philosophy, and mission”, recalls Hugo Banha.

Otro’s portfolio includes brands such as Amouage, Initio Parfums Privé, and Tiziana Terenzi. They represent 49 badges, but the goal is always to want more. It was from this desire that the name came about, which plays with the word “other”: “We have to be ambitious and want more. We go to another restaurant or another store because we want to find something more, something with a plus”.

Most of the fragrances at Otro Perfume Concept are unisex, with prices ranging from €90 to €1,115. You can find out more about each one at the site from the store, but they do not sell online. Instead, if you want to acquire a unique and exclusive aroma, you can visit number 5 of Galerias Tivoli in Quarteira. Click on the gallery to discover some of the perfumes you can find there.

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