The best street style looks from Copenhagen Fashion Week


With the Spring/Summer 2023 issue of fashion week Danish, we look at the looks who, on the street, marked the event.

Nordic style is not just about minimalism. The diversity stood out among the groups that paraded through the streets of Copenhagen. If, on the one hand, some remained faithful to the sober tones and less detailed silhouettes that we typically associate with Danish Fashion Week, on the other hand, it is known that there is no better time than this to take a chance – and that seems to have been the watchword.

The secret is in the details. At least, that’s what he told us—influencer Ukrainian Alina Frendiy about her choices for Copenhagen Fashion Week. “My style is very similar to the Scandinavian style. That’s why, to prepare my looks for CPHFW, I don’t need to wear much more than the clothes I already like. I add some accessories to make them more original.” Alina wasn’t the only one. Whether by complementing a look elegant with a pair of Havaianas or betting on bags with the most irreverent silhouettes, many were those who bet on accessories to ensure that their choice would stand out.

We met Alina Friendly during Milan Fashion Week in February, when an influencer took to the streets with a Ukrainian flag, trying to warn about the war that had started in his country. Six months later, Alina continues to fight for her country, and she does so using clothes. “I want people worldwide to know that I am Ukrainian. The easiest and smartest way to do this is through clothes. I am proud of my origins and want to show the world our culture and designers the amazing things we have,” said the influencer to Vogue Portugal.

Back at Copenhagen Fashion Week, it’s easy to see the power of a garment. Gender norms were challenged, creativity was taken to new heights, and trends began to dictate the industry’s future. For spring/summer 2023, Alina highlights the “shirts oversize,” the “coats with unusual details,” and the dreaded “models low-wait.” In general, street style shows how Fashion is more fun, lighter, and uncomplicated, and that’s what we took from the street style from Copenhagen Fashion Week.


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