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In several pieces that make up the “Lisbon X” collection, one or several letters X stood out, symbols that “mark the people who decided to make Lisbon their oasis”, Nuno Gama told Lusa, at the end of the show, at Lisboa Social Mitra, space that in this edition welcomes ModaLisboa.

These people, he explained, “come from all over the world and of all genders and shapes”, and “make the city more colourful, richer, livelier and more interesting, as it is now and not a few years ago”.

In addition to plain fabrics, the collection includes patterns where fluorescent oranges or pinks stand out, colors that also appear as details in darker pieces, such as black or brown.

“Lisbon X” is a “continuation, a path”, of the brand in his own name that Nuno Gama started almost 30 years ago.

“It’s an incredible opportunity to do what we love and use it as a means of communicating with people, and that’s great,” he said.

Creator of men’s clothing, for the designer “today it is very difficult to define who the customer is” Nuno Gama.

“As much is a boy of 15/16 years, as an eternal young man of 60, 70, 80 years. We have an 82 year old client. They are Portuguese, German, North American, South African, Australian, Japanese people, from everywhere,” he said.

In March 2020, Nuno Gama began to present collections at ModaLisboa that would be on sale right after the show. In October 2019, he told Lusa that this is the way that makes sense at a time when “people are not going to wait six months to purchase anything, they want to load their phone with their finger and automatically access things” .

Therefore, pieces that today ‘paraded’ on the ModaLisboa catwalk are now available for sale.

The 59th edition of ModaLisboa, which takes place under the theme “Oasis”, ends today with the presentation of Luís Carvalho’s collections, in partnership with Salsa Jeans, Nuno Baltazar, Dino Alves and Gonçalo Peixoto.

The calendar for this edition, which started on Thursday, also included, among others, Carolina Machado, Luís Buchinho, Buzina, Kolovrat, Carlos Gil, Ricardo Andrez and Duarte.

ModaLisboa, which is co-organized by the ModaLisboa Association and the Lisbon City Council, returns in March 2023 for its 60th edition.

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