Maiara & Maraisa launch Jequiti perfume and sell out pre-sales


Joy and nostalgia are the feelings of Maiara and Marisa when they launch their Jequiti perfumes. The pre-sale is already sold out, but from the 9th of September, Jequiti will release official sales. In the institutional video, the sisters mention their grandmother, who has been a consultant for Jequiti for many years and doesn’t even think about stopping.

“Every Christmas, our gift was Jequiti,” says Maiara, while Marisa, known as the toughest of the duo, gets emotional. “It’s going to make me cry.” The perfumers who sign the fragrances were inspired by the personality of each one; strong and determined Maiara and Marisa are people who dream and realize through effort and determination.

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The Floral Sensual olfactory path of the Maiara fragrance (25ml) was developed by perfumer Hernan Figoli from the fragrance house Givaudan.

“My inspiration was the muses that embody this fragrance. Women with deep ties and personalities so different that they mark a spectacular expression of femininity based on synergy and self-confidence”, explains Herman.

The fragrance Marisa (25ml) with an Elegant Floral path was developed by perfumer Carmita Magalhães from the fragrance house Firmenich. “On the one hand, I explored the intoxicating and intense side of the orange blossom; on the other, I brought the velvety and sublime touch of the white rose flower. Woody textures such as vetiver and sandalwood reveal the confidence and power of this duo, and musk brings the comfort and lightness of Maiara and Marisa. The vibrant spirit of the fragrance conveys passion and embodies femininity.”

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