Is mixing coffee in shampoo bad for hair? scientist answers


Recipes for homemade recipes are famous for taking care of hair. For a few years,s there was a debate about the benefits of caffeine in boosting hair growth and becoming a part of the beauty world, whether through elaborate industrial products or homemade mixes, which claim to stimulate and strengthen hair. But, using coffee to stimulate hair growth is still in the shadows of misconceptions and facts.

As per the expert who specializes in Advanced Cosmetology and Phytoactives, Jackeline Rosemary, it is essential to point out that caffeine can benefit various aspects of your hair’s cycle. It’s including being recommended for those who are suffering from hair loss. “Caffeine and other actives found in the coffee extract have extremely beneficial properties for the physiological stimulation of the capillary cycle and follicular functioning, optimizing its activity,” He describes.

To confirm the expert’s assertion, A study at the University of Lubeck, Germany, proved that the use of topical formulas that were applied to the hair with caffeine could comparably stimulate the growth of hair. The expert also discussed that caffeine plays a crucial role in blocking an enzyme responsible for the gradual thinning of hair. Furthermore, it provides a protective effect on hair follicles and aids in the health of wires.

According to Jackeline, the actives can promote the hair’s health, protecting the thread’s information from the adverse action of DHT (dihydrotestosterone, a derivative of testosterone, which impairs the functioning of hair follicles). However, the product’s efficacy depends on the exact mix of the size and amount of the active ingredients, along with the specific method of absorption and for action to occur. “There are thousands of substances in coffee, some of which are beneficial and others with the potential to harm the hair cycle,” she explains.

Scientist Jackeline Alecrim

“However, although some phytoactive present in coffee has such properties, the effects are only observed when the product is scientifically processed so that the concentration and the size of the molecules are in the correct presentation to cross the barriers of the scalp, reaching follicles,” the scientist says. Scientists also explain that the effects can only be seen when using specific cosmetic formulations designed for the scalp.

“There is no scientific evidence that correlates the oral use of caffeine to the effects, only through the follicular route (located on the scalp), which is considered the fastest and most effective in the availability of caffeine for beneficial action of the hair cycle,” he claims. In the case of the homemade mix, Jackeline discussed the dangers of these recipes. “Mixing coffee into cosmetic formulations is not a good idea, as the large particles can obstruct the scalp, disorders of oiliness and even hair loss,” concluded.


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