Infallible tricks to apply and store your perfume in the best way


Perfume is one of those beauty items that accompany us daily, and some fragrances, even during our entire lives. But did you know that there are tricks that help us make the most of the product?

We talked to a cosmetics expert who revealed tips that make you smell longer and tells you how to store your perfume bottle, so it lasts a long time.

The choice of perfume

Who has never spent hours and hours in perfumery to choose the most fragrant fragrance in the store? The cosmetics brand chemical researcher Davene Jose Carlos Almeida explains that our sense of smell is connected to the limbic system, which is responsible for our emotions and behaviors. This is one of the main factors influencing us when choosing a fragrance. Cool huh?

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In addition, it is interesting to consider other factors when choosing a perfume. “It is also necessary to understand if the smell will be used during the day or night, for cold days or warmer days. Bearing this information in mind, it’s time to test the fragrances, and the tip for this moment is always to try it on the skin, as the scent can project differently on the demonstrator, ” José Carlos.

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The expert also gives a golden tip to clean the nose when we smell more than one perfume sample, you know? “Smell any part of the body that has its natural scents. This will neutralize the sense of smell and make the true aromas of the perfumes clearer,” he says.

The Perfume’s Durability

Have you ever tried some perfumes that don’t seem to last on your skin at all? According to José Carlos, this happens because some factors, which include daily habits and our diet, can directly influence the projection and durability of the fragrance. “It is common for the same product to have a different smell and duration on different people. And one of the reasons is that natural body substances react to perfume, which generates a variation in the final result.”

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No rule will make the perfume last longer on your skin, but drier skins tend to have less fixation and project less fragrance. Therefore, focus on moisturizing cream before applying the perfume!

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The perfect perfume for every climate

Amazingly, the weather can also influence the fixation of the perfume! To help you choose the best fragrance according to the day’s temperature, José Carlos explains a little about the olfactory families, a classification system used in the market to separate perfumes according to their outstanding characteristics.

“Hotter days call for lighter and refreshing fragrances. The citrus and floral scent families with sweet notes are ideal for the spring-summer season. On the other hand, the coldest days are perfect to abuse the most intense fragrances; perfumes with woody and ambery scents have a better performance.”

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After all, what is the best way to apply perfume?

No more wasting perfume spraying all over your body! The specialist says that choosing the right region to apply the perfume is essential for its projection and fixation due to the body temperature. “Body heat intensifies the action of a perfume, and the regions with the most intense blood circulation are warmer and therefore exude the fragrance better.”

The most well-known pulsating points are the back of the neck, wrists, behind the ears, crooks of the elbows, and behind the knees. Another advantage is that these points do not sweat much, benefiting the product’s performance.

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In addition to hydrating the skin well, as we have already mentioned, it is essential to spray the perfume at least 30 centimeters away from the body. This ensures that the formula spreads properly and prevents just the smell of alcohol.

Avoid putting perfume on clothes, see? It reacts differently on fabrics; therefore, we recommend that it be applied directly to the skin. After application, do not rub the area, as this also interferes with the durability and aroma.

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The correct way to store your perfume

To ensure your perfume’s quality and shelf life, you must know how to store it correctly. “Many people keep their perfumes in the bathroom, which is not advisable., as the constant change in temperature of this environment can change the structure and even the smell of a fragrance. Therefore, the ideal is always to store in a place protected from sunlight and at room temperature”, concludes José Carlos.

So, what do you think about putting these tips into practice?

Who contributed to the article: José Carlos de Almeida, a chemical researcher at Davene and specialist in cosmetics.


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