Here’s how to use lemon to take care of your feet


not everyone knows that the lemon It can be used for many beneficial purposes and not just for cooking. It is often used to flavor many dishes with its delicious juice and zest, but thanks to its fantastic properties many use it for tasks domestic and personal care.

In the field of beauty, lemon can be used to remove blemishes on the skin or lighten hair slightly, but it also has a use that may surprise you. let’s now find out how to use lemon for feet and the benefits we will get from it.

Here’s how to use lemon to take care of your feet

There are those who use it as a digestive, against sore throats and in many other ways, this food is also an amazing panacea for the feet. By putting a few simple but super effective precautions in place, the benefits you can get from them are incredible.

lemon on toenails

If your nails are weak before resorting to specific supplements and medications, you can, for example, try fortify them with lemon juice.

As? Enough squeeze a little on a cotton pad and wipe it over your brittle nails every day, you will notice amazing improvements after a few days.

OAnother useful and effective remedy to strengthen your toenails is to use a solution based on lemon juice and olive oil. THE obtained mixture must rest overnight, the next day pour into a container and soak your feet for at least ten minutes. After that time you can wash them normally, the benefits will be visible in a short time.

You can prepare another mixture with yogurt, lemon juice and olive oil. . For this, mix the three ingredients, these must be used in equal parts, you will get an amazing cream. Then spread on toenails, leaving for at least twenty minutes after a few applications they will appear stronger.

To get rid of dry skin on the feet

another homemade solution based on lemon juice to get rid of dry foot skin. In a bowl we will pour the hot water and then the juice of some lemons. Thanks to the acidity of this fruit we will be able to remove dead skin more easily. You just need to wait for your feet to dry to get rid of it.

In addition to being super effective, these remedies are natural, in fact they do not harm your health or the environment. Also, compared to the products on the market, they are cheaper, so you will save considerably from an economic point of view. To prepare them, you will need very few ingredients and little time, but the results are really amazing and will leave you speechless. Once you try them, you will be amazed at the incredible benefits they are able to provide and you will never stop using them.

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