Discover the trendy shades of green that promise to be a fashionista trend in the coming months


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Curitiba, September 30, 2022, by Ana Follmann – You shades of green are in fashion! Super high, the shades of this color invite you to make memorable and different compositions, which can be less or more discreet. They, which were already on the rise during autumn/winter, will remain so in spring/summer.

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Do you want to know which shades promise to keep pumping in the next seasons? Then follow the Eureka Blog from the Diário SP website and see 3 of them!

Trendy shades of green: Find out what they are

Green is a color that looks good on all skin tones, from the lightest to the darkest. In addition, it also allows numerous combinations, as it combines with cold and warm tones.

With several different shades, this color has become one of the darlings of 2023, from its more open versions to those more closed.

In addition to being a great success in autumn and winter, know that during the flower season and the coming summer they will also continue to be on the rise. Below, learn about 3 shades that will become a fever and also how to combine them.

Trendy shades of green: Flag green

trendy shades of green
Discover the trendy shades of green that promise to be a fashionista trend in the coming months – Photo: Canva

Flag green is one of the shades of color that will continue to be on the rise. Closer but still vibrant, it’s a great addition to your wardrobe.

Another shade very similar to it, but a little brighter, is emerald, which can also be a good bet for casual or formal looks.

Moss green

Moss green is a true classic! That’s why he couldn’t be left out of our list. trendy shades of green. More discreet, but full of personality, he is amazing and combines with several other shades.

trendy shades of green
Moss green is a fashion and more discreet option – Photo: Canva

Green Lemon

The less discreet ones will also be able to take advantage of the trendy shades of green. After all, lime green (and neon) are still successful and can be the fashionista touch that your look requires.

How to combine shades of green in fashion?

To combine your pieces, shoes and accessories in shades of green, use the color wheel! It gives you lots of color application tips, making it easy to match.

For example, see what colors and shades flank your chosen green. In this case, yellow and blue stand out. Also, draw a straight line across the circle and see how to use complementary colors like purple and red.

Also, know that you are free to combine the trendy shades of green with each other, with different shades in the same look. Another possibility is to bet on a monochromatic composition in a single tone. Finally, neutral colors are also bets to match.

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