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With infinite possibilities and combinations, creativity gains strength when creating looks with swimwear, guaranteeing a new look over a top, bathing suit, or beach outfit. It is possible to elaborate from the most basic to the most modern productions.

Paola Serra, founder and creative director of the label swimwear Le Bain Couture uses fabrics with different textures to facilitate the use of the pieces on other occasions. That’s why we invited the stylist to tell us her top tips on how to wear beachwear items daily. Check out:

Swimsuit in casual looks

Camila Coutinho wearing Le Bain – Photo | Instagram reproduction

The barriers between the swimsuit and the bodysuit are ceasing to exist. “The beachwear piece can easily be present in a casual day look or a super night look. Stylish, opt ​​for combinations with wider pants, skirts, or shorts, to ensure a contrast between pieces without neglecting elegance. “Paola comments.

top like cropped

Silvia Braz wearing Le Bain – Photo | reproduction

If we already wear crop tops daily, what prevents us from betting on swimwear tops too? “Providing a similar look, beachwear tops guarantee a lot of support throughout the day and can be dressed in a very similar way to what we are already used to. If you still don’t feel completely comfortable, you can wear the top accompanied by a third piece like a shirt, a coat, or a jacket, making a combination without a mistake! says the creative director.

Beach Outfit as a Dress

Silvia Braz wearing Le Bain – Photo | reproduction

Beach dresses are pieces that usually already have a certain lightness and fluidity, making their versatility and elegance even greater. “With sandals, sneakers, and even a boot, your outfit can get a mega different and stylish look, increasing your wardrobe even more! To complete the look, nothing better than a good set of jewelry and accessories, ensuring an unusual production,” concludes the founder of Le Bain.

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