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Even for a perfume expert, it is difficult to know all the fragrances available on the market. Therefore, some perfumes end up passing without proper attention. However, the channelperfuming up‘ listed some of those scents. Check out 5 powerful and little talked about national perfumes below.

Ego – Ruby Rose

According to Suh, presenter of the channel, the brand started to bet on perfumes recently, but it was successful among the public, who already knew the company for its makeup items. Ego is a sweet floral fragrance with fruity accords. Its aroma is vintage and intense, so it is necessary to calibrate the sprays. Ideal for sensual women.

Top notes are pear, cassis, raspberry and Champaca. The heart notes are Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Iris and Vanilla and the base notes are Caramel, Vanilla Bean and Patchouli or Oriza.

Kiss That Stay – Who Said Berenice

Another recent perfume, launched in 2021. It is a chypre perfume, with a fruity and sweet aroma, but it also brings freshness.

Top notes are red fruits, pear, bergamot and green notes. The heart notes are Peach, Peony and Jasmine and the base notes are Sweet Notes, Patchouli or Oriza, Sandalwood and Amber.

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Désirée Scarlet – Jequiti

Désirée Scarlet fragrance draws attention for its creamy coffee note. In addition, it mixes citrus, floral and cinnamon aromas, so its most suitable for the night.

Top notes are bergamot, mandarin and cinnamon. The heart notes are Jasmine, Mocha, Rose and Maltol and the base notes are Patchouli or Oriza, Vanilla and Cashmere Wood.

Feeling Sexy – Hinode

Its aroma is similar to the imported La Vie Est Belle, by Lancôme. It is a feminine chypre, musky and sweet. It has high fixation.

Top notes are pink pepper, red berries and lemon zest. The heart notes are Violet, Pear Flower and Lily and the base notes are Patchouli or Oriza, Musk and Cotton Candy.

HerStory Love Inspires – Avon

Top notes are apricot, mandarin and jasmine. Middle notes are brandy, iris and gardenia and base notes are praline, vetiver and amber.

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